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                                A taste of Bridlington
Fresh, local fish (and don’t forget the chips)...
Search high and low and you’ll still come up short: Bridlington’s fish and chips are the finest around.
Dining in full view of the beach's panoramic setting is the icing on the cake, whilst a spot of candy floss or a doughnut will top the lot.
It’s nothing short of a tragedy to leave Bridlington without a visit to Vanilla Ice Cream Parlour. Made from a local farm’s dairy herd, this renowned ice cream will be one of the finest you’ll encounter.
   Let’s go locomotive...
Land Trains
Offering magnificent views of the bays and harbour, the land train
will take you along the promenades, providing the ideal way to see
Bridlington. It’s perfect for the kids (and for the adults, too).
  Be ready,
rain or shine...
Beach Chalets
Hiring one of these for the day makes your beach experience so much easier, cosier and enjoyable. Sit back in a deckchair and enjoy the seafront views, with your own space to make food, drinks and shelter from any unpredictable British weather that comes your way.
Beach chalets can be hired for a day or a week at a time, so if you’re staying with us for a few days (highly recommended), it’s the ideal place to store all your beach gear.
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