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                                          Bridlington’s Old Town offers another side to the seaside.
Your journey through its inviting streets is entirely your own unique tale.
  Where to start...
Market Place & Corn Exchange
Pick up a copy of the Old Town Trail, which will take you to the Old Corn Exchange and Market Place and learn about tales of the town’s interesting history.
When we say ‘old’ town...
The Priory
Dating back to 1113 AD, Bridlington’s Augustinian Priory Church is one of the finest examples of the town’s stunning architecture and rich history. Previously one of England’s leading monasteries, the Priory celebrated its 900-year anniversary back in 2013, with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in attendance. Enjoy the stunning setting of the Priory at one of its many concerts and musical events.
Find your niche...
Shopping Vintage
Used to film the 2016 big screen remake of Dad’s Army, Bridlington’s High Street is one of the country’s most complete Georgian streets. With independent shops selling unique gifts, antiques, bespoke jewellery and beautifully-crafted ceramics, yours will be a purchase like no other.
Sift through centuries old crime tales...
Bayle Museum
The Grade I listed Bayle Museum holds the history of Bridlington. A real treat for those intrigued by crime and the law. In the Court Room you’ll find original criminal documents from the 17th and 18th centuries, telling the stories of sentences, fines and misdemeanours from times gone by.
A ‘proper’ cuppa...
Tea & Treats
Having immersed yourself in the
Old Town’s unique, vibrant and historic character, you’ll be more than ready to sit back, relax and enjoy a proper cup of Yorkshire tea in Bridlington’s Georgian Tea Rooms.
Pick up your Old Town Pocket Guide at the Bridlington Tourist Information Centre!
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