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Flamborough Head
The adventure begins before you even arrive at the iconic Flamborough Head, with seabirds and wildlife to see on the way to the cliff top. Catch the 30 minutes boat tour from North Landing to Smugglers Cave and Bird Sanctuary. Thornwick Bay and North Landing offer some of Bridlington’s most incredible coastal views, whilst you’ll find the perfect picnic spot overlooking the chalk cliffs. If you're feeling energetic, make the most of the views at the top of the lighthouse.
Around half-a-million seabirds await
your visit at...
Bempton Cliffs
RSPB’s world-famous reserve at Bempton is only a stone’s throw from Bridlington, and offers one of Britain’s finest places to spot seabirds (they’ll be hard to miss!) Take a stroll along the cliff tops, and find the perfect vantage point to take in one incredible sight.
Rock Pooling
A perfect activity for the kids, head to the rock pools to come across crabs, find unique fossils and spy on starfish. You’ll discover secret coves and caves all scattered along the coastline - but be sure to check the tide timetable before you arrive!
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