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Market News
Welcome to a brand new edition of our price list.
Here at Shepcote, we endeavour to provide the best prices we can, and to always be transparent about the reasons for both price increases and decreases. Please read on to find out about our new products in this issue, as well as a look into the factors which can affect the prices of the products we offer.
Brazils - The effects of the disastrous 2016/17 crop when prices reached £20,000 per tonne resulted in many manufacturers substituting Brazils with other nuts. With better crops, the good news is that prices have now fallen to £8,000 per tonne. 10 years ago you could buy a tonne for £3,500, but it seems unlikely that prices will ever return back to these levels.
Coconut - One of the largest Indonesian mills closed last year and with two typhoons hitting the Philippines in December, as well as the Taal Volcano eruption in January, prices are on the increase.
Pine Nuts - Due to a plentiful crop, prices have dropped by £6,000 a tonne! You will find this reflected in our prices.
Walnuts - New crop Chinese Walnuts are now in stock and the quality is good.
Dried Fruits
Currants - Provincial Currants are down in price, mainly due to a better crop.
Figs - Down in price and no problems with supply until we reach the September/October period when we await the new crop.
Raisins - Both Turkish and Californian are down in price. The more favourable Euro and Dollar rate has helped to reduce prices across the range.
Sultanas - Again, Turkish Sultanas are down in price due to the current exchange rate.
My thanks for your support and as always, please contact me if the need arises.
24th February 2020.
 New Products
Shepcote is eager to expand its offering to
keep up with customer requirements and ever- changing trends. This year, we are excited to expand our popular range of flavoured peanuts and cashews, now including wasabi and sour cream & onion flavours. Look out for these
in both bulk and hand packed sizes. Semolina, bran flakes and crisp rice are now being stocked in bulk, due to high request from our customers. We are seeing an increased interest
in zero waste and weigh shops which may be why. Snack bars are another market proving to be increasingly popular. Salted Caramel and Cocoa Brownie flavours have been added to the Onli Natural Fruit and Nut bar range, alongside the launch of a brand new line, the Onli Natural Oaties Flapjack bars. Both lines are wheat, dairy, gluten free and vegan.
 Please read on to explore the reasons for current price changes.
Almonds - The critical period for the bloom is in February and March. Any frosts, heavy rain or strong winds can affect the development of the crop. Prices are steady and unchanged but with a safe bloom period and with increased planting in California,
we hope that prices will ease back from June.
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