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The Importance of Playing Sport.
“If exercise came in pill form, it would be plastered across the front page, hailed as the blockbuster drug of the century”, Ratey and Hagerman.
There has been a growing tendency to see blocks of exclusive revision as the only option to produce exam success, resulting in pupils withdrawing from sports competitions and matches at late notice. Sadly this not only significantly disrupts the remaining teammates, but also has the potential to impact upon the physical, emotional and mental health of the individual pupil. Remaining part of a team or squad in which one has invested significant time and effort often provides the necessary break from study which helps generate a refreshed perspective and appetite for further learning during the revision period.
Why do I believe that exercise benefits learning?
In addition to priming the state of mind (studies show that children learn better immediately following exercise), exercise also influences learning directly (and permanently) at the cellular level. The plasticity of the brain is at the heart of this. Increased neurotransmitter activity improves
attention and long term memory, but also causes synapses to swell and make stronger connections. Exercise stimulates the production of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), the master molecule of the learning process, which increases learning by stimulating neuron growth. Rate of learning correlates positively with enhanced levels of BDNF. Activity improves stem cell production in the hippocampus, which, in turn, enhances memory.
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