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          What has been your biggest highlight so far?
“Receiving our final product that we had spent months creating is definitely the highlight of this experience so far.”
How are you going to prepare for the regional final on 14th May?
“We have some very exciting things planned. We’re going to start by creating a YouTube channel with short and easy to follow videos for our recipes.
Watch this space!”
You can follow the team’s progress on the following social media accounts: Instagram: ye.midnight Facebook: Midnight – YE Twitter: @cookbookjungle
RSC Analyst Competition 2019
A team of Year 12 students; Sreenithi Balaji, Amrit Cassim and Yusuf Salim finished second in the Hull and East Riding round of the Royal Society
of Chemistry’s Analytical Division’s 2019 Analyst Competition held at the University of Hull’s Department of Chemistry on the evening of 20th March.
The theme was ‘Life on Mars?’ and the team’s scenario was ‘The year is 2037 and you are part of a team analysing the first soil sample to be brought back from Mars.’
The students determined the percentage of iron in the Martian soil by titration with aqueous potassium manganate (VII), first standardising the manganate against sodium ethanedioate, they analysed for phosphate using UV/visible spectrophotometry, and they performed thin layer chromatography to determine which of six possible amino acids were present.
Hymers College @Hymers_College:
7A spent some time this term learning about
Venn diagrams.
Hymers College @Hymers_College:
Our Careers Department organised a visit from NHS representatives to speak to students in Year 9-13 about their roles in healthcare.
Hymers College @Hymers_College:
Dr Charlie Easmon addressed mental health issues and the help available as part of our Sixth Form Lecture Programme.
     Hymers College @Hymers_College:
Congratulations to Laura Brady who achieved a Gold Certificate from the Chemistry Olympiad Competition. 3

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