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Why all the fuss about mobile phones?
Matt Hancock, the former culture secretary, suggested that schools ban mobile phones. This follows on from President Macron’s banning of mobile phones in French schools. What has brought about these dramatic interventions? The debate about whether mobile phones and social media are good or bad for children has been going on for some while. The research is far from conclusive but the general drift seems to suggest that they can be detrimental to children’s mental health.
I personally do not believe that simply banning mobile phones from school is the answer. Surely, it makes greater sense for schools to educate children in the advantages and disadvantages of their phones and enforce rules around the usage of mobiles in school. For me the real issue is the childrens’ use of their mobile phones during all of the time that they are not in school. It is essential that parents have a greater understanding of their children’s usage and the issues that this might cause.
In order to think a bit more clearly about this issue it’s helpful to reclassify what we are talking about. We call them phones, but they are phones in name only, more accurately smartphones are 24/7 entertainment devices. Children hardly ever use the actual telephone function.
Many parents duck the issue of phone use in the home despite knowing that they are disruptive and sometimes destructive to family life. If you have ever tried to take one o  a teenager, you will know  rst-hand how di cult it is to get between a teenager and his/her phone. It can sometimes, therefore, seem easier not to try.
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