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Hymers College @Hymers_College:
Year 9 made the most of their opportunity
to produce a documentary about the con ict on the Plains.
Year 9 Challenge
Hymers College @Hymers_College: Thank you to the HCA for organising a
thoroughly enjoyable Comedy Night.
In the  nal week of June our Year 9s have the opportunity to take part in the 3-day ‘Year 9 Challenge’. A variety of activities are o ered to the pupils, ranging from bread making lessons, to bicycle repair workshops and even outdoor survival sessions. The aim of the Year 9 Challenge is to give students the opportunity to work on projects which stretch their creativity and improve their team building skills.
To conclude the challenge students took part in a ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition. A massive congratulations to champion Daniel Ramzani for his entertaining rendition of Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’.
Hymers College @Hymers_College: Our Junior School pupils worked really hard
on their exhibitions as part of History Week.
Hymers College @Hymers_College:
Thank you to our friends from Parent Zone and ‘The Great Lad’ Initiative for leading sessions with Years 9 and 10. 3

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