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      Hymers College @Hymers_College:
We held a poignant Remembrance Service to honour those who gave their lives for this country, 207 were Old Hymerians.
   Sixth Form Community Day
Hymers College @Hymers_College: 5EG conducted a great assembly to raise
awareness of endangered Sawfish.
   Hymers College @Hymers_College: Our Year 8 pupils learnt CPR in support of
‘Restart a Heart Day’.
 Towards the beginning of the term over 170 of our Sixth Formers took part in an off-timetable Community Day.
One large group were responsible for clearing up Red Top Park; students collected litter, removed leaves and re-painted the park’s benches. Another group worked alongside Emmaus Hull, weeding, potting plants and assisting where needed. Cancer Research welcomed several students to help sift through newly donated stock in the run up to Christmas. A team of willing volunteers visited residential homes, some provided musical entertainment whilst others kept the residents company by playing board games and chatting. Hull’s Afro Caribbean Centre invited students to help with a variety of tasks including helping to build a website for the community centre. A group were situated on Princes Avenue and were responsible for re-painting the street planters. There were also students doing art work, producing anti-litter posters and litter sculptures. The remainder of students dedicated their day to a clean-up much closer to home, litter picking in the Sunny Bank and Hymers Avenue area.
Following in the footsteps of our Sixth Form, each year group will dedicate a different school day to work in the community within the 2018/19 academic year.
Hymers College @Hymers_College: Our annual Careers Convention took place
this term and attracted over 50 organisations! 3

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