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 they too had secured a place in the Plate competition. In the Plate, Gemma and Victoria secured an emphatic victory against Queen Anne’s, but RGS and St Mary’s proved too strong. Sadly Sana and Zala had to retire due to ill health, so they will have to wait until their next visit to secure a victory. Talk of the tennis players related to “Tapper’s Top Tips”, where Mr Tapley offered the players tips after each game about tennis and
life in general. Perhaps he should start a column in a newspaper somewhere.
The senior girls then started to play, with Julia McClean and Lucy Jones starting their campaign, which proved to be another hard challenge, this time against Eastbourne, Benenden, St Mary’s and Repton. Bronwyn Walker-Rouse and Ananya Rajesh, our second pair, really started to gain momentum in their matches, with a tenacious attitude to fight for every point. This strategy started to pay dividends as they started to win more games, but sadly a victory eluded them and they too qualified for the Plate competition. Here both pairs continued to develop, Julia and Lucy suffered a narrow defeat against Benenden, Bronwyn and Ananya continued with some spectacular tennis, but were beaten by Sedbergh and St Mary’s. This was in spite of Tapper’s Top Tips, which became the buzz words for the trip.
On Monday the Under 13s finally had the chance to start their competition. On the previous days they’d spent their time practising with our first pair Maddie Parkinson and Ruby Stead, securing victories over RGS Newcastle and Yarm. However in the Asbury-Bailey Cup the opposition of Culford, Cokethorpe, St Helen’s and St Peter’s proved just too strong for Maddie P
and Ruby. Maddie Clark and Evie Parkinson were our second pair and started to win some games during
their matches, against Framlingham, Queen Margaret’s and almost beat New Hall, but didn’t quite have enough fight and so joined the Plate competition. More sunshine and sizzling heat on the Tuesday! In the Plate competition Maddie P and Ruby beat both Colston’s and Queen Anne’s. Their tennis had improved over the weekend and they showed excellent communication and competitive spirit throughout. Maddie P and Evie kept fighting, but sadly they didn’t manage to secure
a victory against the might of the tennis scholars from some of the schools.
In the Ralph Cake Trophy the Under 13 boys first
pair of Jonty Smyth and Matthew Alex played some good tennis and developed their partnership whilst playing and secured a good win over Godolphin, but were beaten by the other teams in their group, which meant they qualified for the Plate. Our second pair
of Year 7, Will Watson and Matthew Wild were out
to gain experience in the Year 8 competition. They played well and even beat Colston’s, which gave them
a great boost, but this was sadly short lived and they joined Pair 1 in the Plate. In the Plate, pair 1 played Hampton, Forest, Yarm, Trinity and Haberdasher’s. Pair 2 played Ewell House, Reigate, St James and Cokethorpe.
On Day 3, the 16 players who had been knocked out
of the tournament visited the Wimbledon Tournament. We got up at 5.00, which proved to be a challenge for most of the students, and Jake our driver took us to join the queue. The queue at Wimbledon has a set etiquette, but our queue card numbers in the 4500s meant that we were guaranteed admission. Time was killed playing rounders with a rolled up magazine, throwing balls around and snoozing until we gained admission to the grounds.
Different groups of people were able to get onto show courts and some even reached Centre Court, watching players such as Federer, Williams and Wawrinka. One thing for sure was that we all had a wonderful day to cherish.
Time in the hotel was spent watching the World Cup, playing video games and socialising with the other members of the trip and each morning we were served a hearty breakfast. We would like to thank Mr Walmsley, Mr Tapley and Mrs Wylde for organising the trip and looking after us throughout.
Mr SJ Walmsley

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