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 ALSACE 2018
In the May half-term holiday, students from Years 8 to 10 departed on a trip to the Alsace region of France. After a short coach journey, we boarded the overnight
ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge, where everyone made the most of the on-board all-you-can-eat buffet. Upon arrival in Zeebrugge, Belgium, we boarded our coach and began one of many long coach journeys. However, none of us minded the travelling, especially the
Year 10 students, who took the coach journeys as an opportunity to practise their singing skills, much to the dismay of the teachers!
The day was fantastic and everyone enjoyed themselves, even those who were too scared to go on any rides.
On our next day, we participated in a treasure hunt around Strasbourg, testing our language skills, our
skills of observation and our sense of direction, which unfortunately many of us seemed to be lacking, since many teams gave up! Next, we had a boat trip on
the Rhine, which provided some fantastic views and information about Strasbourg, however some people were so tired that they used this time as an opportunity to sleep!
Our final stop was the European Parliament, where
we listened to talks from Richard Corbett (MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber) and a civil servant. In addition, we watched several debates in the European Parliament chamber about current affairs. The day ended with a visit to a traditional restaurant in ‘la Petite France’ quarter of Strasbourg, with its iconic half- timbered houses. The next day, we left Strasbourg to travel to the Netherlands, where we would board the Rotterdam to Hull ferry. Although we were all extremely tired, that didn’t stop the Year 10 students from making the most of the evening live entertainment, with some even deciding to brave the dance floor. During our time in Alsace we managed to truly immerse ourselves in
the culture, language and atmosphere. The trip was a phenomenal experience and everybody made lots of memories and new friends; many of us are wishing that we were still in Alsace! I would like to thank Madame Humblet for organising the trip and Mr Sanz Caro, Mr Setterington and Miss Jack for accompanying us.
Amelia Simmons, Year 10
  Our first day in Alsace was a busy one - we began by visiting the Gertwiller Gingerbread museum, followed by the traditional town of Colmar and then the Monkey Mountain - ‘La Montagne des Singes’. The visit to Colmar was one of my personal highlights of the trip - we had time to explore the town and to shop, although many of us were disappointed to see that Sephora was closed! Luckily, the weather was beautiful, elevating the whole experience. The next day we drove to Germany to spend the day in Europa Park. The park was divided into different sections, each of which was based on a different country.

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