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The Art Prize
Abia Qureshi and Samuel Parkinson
The Design & Technology Prize
Rebecca Lee
The Drama Prize
Joseph Atkinson
The Creative Writing Prize
Maia Halson
The English Prize
Polly Kastelik
The Geography Prize
Riya Gupta and Adwaya Datir
The History Prize
Krithi Raghuram and Tom Bacon
The ICT Prize
Elizabeth Sharf
For Resilience in all she does
Olivia Doyle
For Determination in work and sport
Jemima Phillips
For Dedication to her work and sport
Millie Rudd
For an Outstanding Attitude to school life
Henrietta Skipworth
For an Outstanding Attitude to school life
Ewan Lince
For Commitment to all she does
Jessica Teasdale
The Bridgeman Shield for Endeavour
Saboor Modan and William North
The HCA Shield for Endeavour
Stella Shepherd and Ruby Watson
The Maths Problem-Solving Prize
Eva Julian and Callum Mullins
The Pure Maths Prize
Lucas Bell
The Music Prize
Fifi Al-Saad and Sebastian Auton
The Modern Languages Prize
Lawrence Strickland and Benjamin Williams
The Physical Education Prize
Evie McCoid
The Religious Education Prize
Rebecca Thomas
The Science Prize
Vishisht Mehta and George Sharf
For Enthusiasm in all she does
Melanie Healey
For Sporting Endeavour
Roxie Webb
For Musical Endeavour
Elodie Wray
For Kindness to her fellow pupils
Georgia Green
For Kindness to his fellow pupils
Vignesh Balchandra
The Paul Bryan ‘Ethos’ Shield
Rebecca Lee and Finlay Iveson
                                JUNIOR SCHOOL

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