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  The Year 6 Dance Club has been running for several years now and is led by our dance teacher, Mrs Marsden. This year, for the first time in the club’s history, Mrs Marsden entered us into the Great Big Dance Off, a national dance competition open to schools in England and Wales. Mrs Marsden created a magnificent dance and we spent many hours practising. We practised over and over again until it was just perfect!
On a very special Dance Club night we all gathered in the theatre to perform our dance and to have it videoed. Our entry was then sent off to the judges and, after a few weeks of nervous waiting, we got the email back .... we were in!! The whole Dance Club was overjoyed and bursting with excitement.
The next few weeks were spent practising and perfecting our routine, which was set to a song called All Stars. The theme of our dance was that we are all stars and all shine in different ways. The next step was to find out the costumes we would be wearing and then we were ready to go!
On the day of the competition, we travelled to Halifax on the minibus kindly driven by Mr Doyle. When we reached the theatre in Halifax, we all walked into the performing room and were welcomed by dancers practising their fantastic routine. Eventually we left the room and were led to a dressing room, where we got ready as we buzzed with excitement. After that we were welcomed on stage and, even though it was just a run through, we danced with excitement. The other dancers kindly cheered us on as they sat waiting for their practice run.
It was only a few hours till the performance but waiting for it felt like days. Finally, the time came. We watched the dances and became more nervous and excited as time went on. The dancers were absolutely brilliant; we thought that we could never beat them. Nevertheless, as we waited to be called back stage, we could not wait to get up there and show them what we’d got. When we stood on that stage, the spotlight shone almost as brightly as the smiles on our faces. All I could think when I got off the stage was: can I do that again? As we chatted amongst ourselves we agreed that we had done our best and it was a fantastic experience that we could never forget.

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