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  On the 4th July 2018, The Year 6 Choir took part in the highly prestigious Llangollen International Eisteddfod, having qualified after sending in recording earlier in the year. They were competing against choirs from around the UK, some of whom had performed on national television and another who had won the Barnardo’s competition for the last three years as well as the Songs of Praise Choir of the Year.
The choir had travelled down the evening before so that they were fresh for the day ahead. They had enjoyed an evening at a Premier Inn and were in good spirits, having watched England win the penalty shoot-out at the World Cup! The day was extremely warm and the Hymers
Tour jackets were abandoned in favour of red Hymers hats, although this did interfere with the girls’ hair styles somewhat! There was time to have a look around the site and soak up the international atmosphere.
With limited warm-up time, as the tent was extremely hot, the choir lined up ready to perform. I must say
that in all the years I have been leading choirs that this particular group of 60 children were the most focused and professional I have ever led as they waited to perform.
Full of confidence and poise, the choir then proceeded to sing their hearts out to a packed pavilion. The set piece, Rutter’s The Lord Bless You and Keep You, was sung beautifully, with the work done on phrasing particularly going well. Then a change of atmosphere as the choir created an intense mood with Enjoy the Storm by Ian Jefferson. It was a superb performance and the children knew that they had performed to the best of their ability.
After a well-deserved lunch under the welcoming shade of a tree, there was time for a little more looking round
the stalls and then back to the pavilion to watch some solo competitions. It was then time for the results.
The adjudicator began by saying a little something about each choir, which unfortunately tended to err on the negative side for each one. We waited with baited breath for our feedback which, to our surprise after the negativity of the other choirs’ feedback, was pretty good! Then for the scores. The children crossed their fingers and looked hopeful as each choir received their mark. The highest so far had been 87. ‘Hymers Junior School Choir – 87.7!’ We knew we had been placed as there were only two choirs after us and after only one of them beat our score, Cor
lau Glanaethwy, the children erupted with delight as they realized they had come second!
After collecting our award, it was back to the coach to sing and celebrate! On a personal note, it was probably the best birthday I have ever had, and I would like
to thank all the children and their parents for their wonderful support. A huge thank you too, to Mrs Dyson, Mr Doyle and Mrs Julian, who came with us as, without their support, the trip would not have been possible.
Judges’ Comments:
‘You managed some excellent phrasing which, combined with clarity, particularly of words, led to a very effective performance. The Rutter was sung with excellent attention to detail and thus really good contrasts and an effective overall contour.’
The performance can be viewed on
Mrs TJ Redhead

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