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  During their last term in the Junior School, Year 6 put on a fabulous performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. With Year 6 being such a big year, it was decided that the performance would be done over two nights with a different cast each night. This gave more people the opportunity to have a main part. On the night when your class wasn’t involved in the acting, you still had an important part to play in the chorus. This play was one with a bit of a difference, as it was all told through songs. We worried that it might be too difficult to get the story across to the audience with
no speaking and only singing, but we didn’t need to worry. The audiences on both nights thoroughly enjoyed the show and we received lots of lovely feedback. The fact that the show was such a success was thanks to a
lot of people’s hard work, in particular Mrs Redhead and Miss McLeod for all of their time, patience and enthusiasm. Thank you also to everyone who helped out with costumes, props, sound and lighting. This really was a fantastic way to finish off our time in Year 6.
Eva Julian, Year 6 I 75

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