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He then went on in a teaching career at: King Edward VII School, Sheffield (Practice Term), King Edward’s School, Stourbridge 1950-1952, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield 1950-1957, Senior Lecturer in Education, St John’s College York 1957-1964, Dean, St Martin’s College, Lancaster 1964-1973 and Principal, Keswick Hall College, Norwich 1973-1981. In 1981, the college was amalgamated with the University of East Anglia. He worked for the University in a part time role covering former aspects of the college including researching its history.
During this time he came across records of a former student Elsie Bell, who married a Belgium soldier named Georges Maréchal. During the war she was involved in an escape line in Belgium for Allied airman called Comète.
This line was discovered by the Germans and she and her daughter were placed in concentration camps but survived. He traced the daughter to a small town near Brussels. He then wrote a book about them called A Quiet Woman’s War and attended the Comète reunions in Brussels for several years.”
William’s son, Philip Etherington
John Kress (at Hymers 1952 – 1959) died on 3rd January 2018, aged 74.
“My husband, John, qualified as an architect in Hull and then went to London to work for James Cubitt Fello Atkinson & Partners. He worked in Libya and Nigeria before returning to the London office. He travelled extensively all over the world with his work. He stayed with Cubitts all his professional life eventually becoming a director. Since 1976 he lived in a Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. He is sadly missed by his two daughters, their husbands and his four grandchildren.”
 John’s wife - Wendy Kress
 Arthur David Richardson (at Hymers 1938 – 1941) died on 6th January 2018.
John Sanderson (at Hymers 1948 – 1953) died on 13th February 2018.
John Townend (at Hymers 1942 – 1951) died on 18th August 2018, aged 84.
   Alex Trollope (at Hymers 2002 – 2009) married Nancy on 26th August 2017 in St Peter’s Church, Roydon, Essex.
He featured here with his best man, brother Charles Trollope (at Hymers 2004 – 2009) and his friends he met
at Hymers (from left to right) Abhinav Verghese (at Hymers 2001 – 2009), Abhishek Chitnis (at Hymers 2004 – 2009), Neel Dutta (at Hymers 1999 – 2009), Nancy, Alex, Edward Almond (at Hymers 1999 – 2009), Richard Yu (at Hymers 1999 – 2009) and Calum Robertson (at Hymers 1999 – 2009).

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