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   I have here two faded documents which
 are the itineraries of two of ‘Oscar’s
 Tours’ to Scotland in 1949 and 1950.
 I attach a scan of part of the first,
 which comes out remarkably well. Cost
 £10 for ten days--those were the days!
 I can do a transcript filling in the
 gaps. Would you like a copy of them?
 Best regards,
 Brian Pollard
 (at Hymers 1948 – 1956)
Editor’s Note
Can anyone identify the master in question?
  Saturday 11th August 2018
Dear Sir,
I am an old boy of the school (1946-1954). I am making an enquiry to which you
might not be able to respond for any one of a number of reasons.
In my latter years at the school I became extremely friendly with Oliver Siddle
whose obituary appeared in the Annual Magazine of 2015-16. A copy was sent to me
by a member of the Old Boys – which seems to be about the only organisation I
haven’t joined since we came to Leeds in 1964.
At 83 I should be able to deal with these things but I found myself considerably
upset about the news of Oliver’s passing. We had little in common intellectually
but he was kind and we shared one of those senses of humour and spent quite a
lot of time together. His great ambition was to join the Foreign Service and
obtain a permanent posting to Cyprus. In a way he achieved something very close.
The obituary in The Hymerian was submitted by his son – Ben. Is it at all
possible to contact him? Whilst I would like his address I cannot expect it
to be supplied but if you do have it, perhaps I could write to you for onward
transmission? But I realise that this is all a long shot and I apologise for
taking your time. I must say I would like to see the annual reports. Can I do
that by joining the Association even at my age?
Yours sincerely,
Peter R. Hart
(at Hymers 1946 - 1954)
P.S. The Hymerian carried another obituary where, this time, I felt an
extraordinary debt of gratitude to Joe Gillbanks who took the Geography
portfolio from G A S Bunker. He was utterly professional but became a bit
disheartened with the changing demands of examining boards which rather got in
his way of teaching. Teaching what? Teaching young men, of course.

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