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  From: Brian R. Pollard
Sent: 05 August 2018 11:40
To: oldhymerians
Subject: The Hymerian 2016-2017
Dear Bridget,
Thank you for the copy of The Hymerian 2016-2017, full of interest. My
Hymers dates are 1948-1956 and the OH section has several letters of
particular interest for me.
You refer to a memoir by Dick Waddington. I would like to have a copy. Let
me know if there is a cost for this.
 On p.234-5 in the letter
and photos from John
Allen, I remember many
of the names if not
the faces. In Photo A,
I think the captain
was Neil MacDonald
(not MacDonnell). I
remember Shufflebotham
(‘Shuff’) was sometimes
in trouble and Mr Cavill
enjoyed enunciating his
name with particular
enthusiasm in School
Assembly! By the way
Harewood should have
read Harwood: the Junior
School head was J V
On p.240, I can’t help
Tony with his query, but
I would like to complete
the names of the masters
in the photo (see right):
Mr Birtles, [female], Mr
Telfer, ??? , Mr Dennis,
Mr Forsyth, Mr Bunker,
Does he or anyone know who
is between Telfer and Dennis?
Photo A
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