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  From: Ben Vickers
Sent: 29 March 2018 21:22
To: Mrs B Renwick
Subject: Re. OHA Communications
Good Evening Bridget,
Today I received my copy of The Hymerian of which I thoroughly enjoyed reading through. Reading updates from today’s pupils, trips and sport teams was a great reminder of the times and experiences I had myself. Similarly, it’s great to see familiar faces amongst some of the teachers that are still there today.
I was however saddened to hear of John Tinnion’s death as I remember him well
from my time at Hymers. John was a great teacher, strict but always very fair,
and certainly kept you on your toes.
I did however enjoy seeing that some of my old teachers are now able to begin
and enjoy their well-deserved retirement.
It’s great to receive this newsletter of updates and events and it is greatly
My times at Hymers are some of my greatest memories and so if there’s ever any
support or assistance I can provide, I’d be happy to get involved.
Ben Vickers
(at Hymers 2000 – 2010)
  From: Gavin Gibb
Sent: 14 July 2018 10:11
To: Mrs B. Renwick
Subject: Tony Swain (45-50)
Dear Bridget,
Hope you are well, and can you help?
By chance a few weeks ago I opened my unread Hymerian at a letter or email
dated 19 July 2017 from Tony Swain.
By one of those coincidences I was next to him in the queue for roast beef
one Friday night at the Royal Canadian Legion Club in West Vancouver in 1991.
I commented on his accent.... and there you go.
How could I communicate with him?
Many thanks,
Gavin Gibb
(at Hymers 1957 – 1965)
Editor’s Note:
We contacted Tony and he was happy for us to pass his details on.

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