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  From: Tony Craven
Sent: 04 May 18:37
To: Mrs B Renwick
Subject: Account for Martin
Dear Bridget,
I enjoyed the last luncheon very much. Sorry to read in the Hull Daily Mail
that Bankside will experience further problems for another month!
My information to Martin went something like this:
Hymers Junior School was evacuated to Market Weighton during the early part
of the Second World War which proved not exactly secure as German Bombers
bombed Driffield Aerodrome and one of my billet keepers, a farm labourer had
to dive into a ditch to escape from being machine gunned by a German fighter.
I remember in one billet sleeping on a feather bed and listening to all the anthems of the allies. We also listened to American broadcasts featuring Orchestras, Singers and Comedians. The only school teacher I remember was called Oscar Kidder who entertained us with films from his 8mm Pathescope projector.
He took us for nature rambles even in the height of winter which were pretty
severe. Sweets were very hard to come by so we roamed the fields eating raw
carrots. Once we obtained a tin of condensed milk - nectar!
My last billet was with a Veterinary Surgeon, Mr Cook, down Londesborough
Road. Mrs Cook used to supply me with a small tin of Golden Syrup for
breakfast which had to last a month! I visited another billet keeper to see
my friends, Roach and Rowe - we ate Bovril on biscuits.
Finally we visited the cinema every Saturday morning and sat upstairs as the
borstal boys from St Williams sat below. Films included Laurel and Hardy and
Disney films.
That’s it!
Best wishes,
Tony Craven
(at Hymers 1938 – 1946)

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