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   Roger Tate [p.248] has sent in a photo of my Form, Lower 3B, although there are a few faces missing. Also in that form were, if I remember correctly, David Royle, William Rispin, Andrew Locking, Graham Cundill and myself, plus maybe a few others. Some of
the missing first names are: Peter Gathercole, Patrick Craft, George Pitt and (I think) Tony Church.
Many of us remained through to the Sixth and I recall playing Rugby with several of them in the Second XV.
The letter from Alfred Morris also has a family connection as it is my brother, Michael Warden, in the back row of the photo (see right) on p.256. Is there any possibility that you could send me copies of those two photographs, in digital form?
Lower 3B
    Finally, I was pleased to see that two
of the Career Events involved organisations where I once
worked. I was at Reckitt & Colman (now Reckitt Benckiser) from 1978 to 1983 near the start of my career, and at Hull York Medical School from 2010 to 2015 towards the end. In between I have spent time in South Africa working on the gold mines and in the USA working for IBM.
With kind regards
John Warden
(at Hymers 1964 - 1971)
  13th March 2018
Dear OH,
RE: Maurice Dalton, Hymers ca.1945-1950, died 15th Feb 2017 (on his 83rd birthday)
As the latest Hymerian landed on my father’s doorstep I realise that I have taken much longer than I had intended to get around to inform you of his passing away last year (I am not the best of correspondents at the best of times...). Looking through this year’s magazine reminds me of a number of links, so perhaps now is a good time for a bit of a family retrospective:
My father left the school at 16 to take A-levels at the technical college, but joined the Old Hymerians for the rugby (indeed he features in an old group photo from another obituary in the 2015 Hymerian).

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