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  seems Tony and Gordon did, but I joined an international Engineering Company
as a Research Engineer and retired from the job of Manufacturing Director of
the same Company 40 years later after working in 13 different countries. I
don’t think you can do that nowadays!
I’ve been back to Hymers for a Class Reunion once, and went back for a Garden
Party too, so I have been suitably impressed by the development of the
facilities and co-educational status. The ‘Good Thing’ music video circulated
recently was fabulous! However, now I’ve hit 84, the trip across the Pennines
is a bit of a stretch. However, I’m glad I have the watercolour of the school
painted by Tony Watts (another contemporary) hanging up in my study.
Best wishes to all,
Mike Cowburn
(at Hymers 1944 – 1950)
  From: John Warden
Sent: 13 March 2018 17:28
To: Old Hymerians
Subject: Latest issue of The Hymerian
Dear Bridget,
I have just received the latest issue of The Hymerian, which provided me yet
again with an interesting read.
There are a couple of initial comments I would make.
Firstly, the somewhat disappointing record of the Second XV. I was a regular
member of the Seconds for two seasons, although my participation was more
noted for enthusiasm than playing ability. Nevertheless, we won more than we
lost, including one notable game against Archbishop Holgate’s in York, played
in a driving blizzard followed by two hours for the coach to get us back.
Secondly, I agree with John Allen in regretting the loss of the Scholarships
provided by both East Yorkshire and Hull Councils under the assisted places
It was only thanks to this that I was able to get to Hymers as there was no
way that my widowed mother could have afforded the fees. Then, as now, the
gulf between Hymers and the Local Authority schools in terms of quality of
education we received was quite startling.
On a more personal note there are two very interesting letters and photos.

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