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  8th January 2018
Dear Administrator,
I enclose a copy of “For the Life of Me”, a book about
my late brother, Gerald David Burton, (at Hymers 1955 -
Before Gerald died in 2008, he asked me to publish
his family tree research. On taking up this mantle, I
discovered that although Gerald had written about his
life, he left some chapter headings with no text. I
supplemented his reflections using his vast collection
of memorabilia and letters. It was unclear where his
life story fitted into the family trees and I was
persuaded to publish it as a separate volume for his
relations and friends.
In the book is a list of Hymers classmates that Gerald recalled later in
life. When you provided a photograph of the school for the book, you kindly
enclosed a class admission list. When the two lists were compared, Gerald’s
memory proved to be remarkably accurate!
The book covers many aspects of Gerald’s life including his extensive
musical achievements, the roots of which were established at Hymers
College. He kept in touch with his music teacher, Graham Watson, who
followed Gerald’s career. Gerald had a rich musical life as a singer,
organist and cellist and spent ten years as a chorister at Wells Cathedral.
Travel often featured in his musical life. He had careers in printing and
banking but it was as a linguist where he found his niche. His forthright
views on the use of English are in the book. His first degree was in Dutch
and he translated Dutch into English. He worked mainly with legal, property
and commercial material and contributed to Dutch dictionaries in those
subjects. His book for translators of specialist Dutch texts was published
after his death.
There may be former Hymerians of Gerald’s era who would like a copy of “For
the Life of Me”. Perhaps you could be of help here.
With best wishes,
Angela Harris (Mrs)
   Editor’s Note:
“For the Life of Me”, a hardback book, 101 pages, can be obtained from Mrs Angela Harris.
Address: 11 Willow Glen, Branton, Doncaster, DN3 3JD Email: Price: - £15 (plus a donation to the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust if you would like to include one).

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