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     Michael (circled) at Hymers, May 1955
Thank you for giving me another
copy of the Hymerian. I especially
appreciated the Old Hymerians
snippets. I sat with my contemporary
David Gosling at the dinner I
attended a few years ago and we still
correspond. I had cut out the article
about the late Joe Gillbanks. He was
an excellent form master (see class
photo 1955) pre - ‘O’ level. Because
of the timetable restrictions I
could not study ‘A’ level Geography but he always welcomed me to any of his
Geography lessons when I was free to go. The study of Divinity with Ernie
Sewell (Ichabod) had to take priority!
Although I was a vicar’s son I had no intention of seeking ordination, but Mr
Bennett, English teacher, lost his temper in one lesson on studying Chaucer’s
Canterbury tales – that of the Parson’s tale. He demanded attention and
shouted out that we should take an interest as there should be some ordinands
in that class! I remember walking to Paragon station that evening questioning,
was that me? God moves in a mysterious way!
Thank you for your email inviting me to the next Old Hymerians Dinner. The
speaker would be of great appeal as both Margaret and I keenly follow cricket.
Indeed Len Hutton once knocked her out with a boundary 6! However, I am more
attracted to coming to an event in 2018 which would be 60 years since leaving
In appreciation of your friendship offered to Old Hymerians I enclose 3 of
Margaret’s books which gives you some idea of life after Hymers. I enclose 2
small photos of the cadet corps on parade. Sadly I have lost the Hull Daily
Mail photo of the band leading us through the gates marching to the station
to go on annual camp. It was the only time I had seen the gate opened. As well
as the camp, I also attended the cadet corps visit to Germany led by Capt.
Mitchell. I still have a 78 rpm record of the school choir in the early 50s.
If you need this for your archives please let me know. I have my hard-backed
book of school reports – probably a thing of the past. It makes better reading
than I remembered, but you are welcome to it if you want it.
Dick Bradnum, who was my head boy went on to get a first class degree in Oxford,
produced a very good book ‘The Day Jesus Died’, which you would be welcome to
have in your library, as a help to any studying Religious Education.
The girls at Beverley High School, many of whom lived on the outskirts of Hull
were always singing the praises of the Hymers Boys, who looked ‘dishy’ in
their red blazers. My wife Margaret never thought that she would aspire to
marring a Hymers Boy!!
Yours sincerely,
Reverend Michael J. Walker
(at Hymers 1950 – 1958)

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