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  16th September 2017
Dear David,
Speech Day and Visit
On behalf of Sheena and myself, I write to thank you for inviting us to Speech
Day 2017 and especially for the tour the next morning. It was really generous
of you to spend so much of your no doubt precious time to show us personally
all the splendid new features of the School.
While it is very clear that the development fund, to which many of us Old
Hymerians willingly contributed, has been used with intelligence and flair, to
provide brilliant new facilities, not least impressive was the calm purposeful
atmosphere exhibited by every group of students that we caught sight of.
An utter contrast to what prevails, sadly, in other supposedly comparable
establishments – not only according to what the Press says but anecdotally
from teachers of our acquaintance.
Please convey our thanks to Michelle, Bridget and everyone in what was for us
a special experience. We look forward to seeing you again at the London Branch
Dinner in due course.
Mike Young
(at Hymers 1943 – 1949)
P.S. What fun to be potentially included in the LRC video! I look forward to
seeing it.
 30th September 2017
Dear Bridget,
I really did enjoy meeting you. Thank you for the prompt return of the photos.
I did appreciate you sparing so much time to take me on a tour of Hymers,
which brought back many (mostly) pleasant memories.
The photo you took of me in front of my locker would be very poignant for
me. It would remind me of David Reynolds from Hessle who came up to my locker
after lessons on a Saturday morning suggesting that we cycled back home
together as I was from North Ferriby. I declined as I had already bought a
dinner ticket. This was probably the last conversation that he ever had as
he was killed while cycling home. Most of his contemporaries were given time
off to go Hessle Church for his funeral, which for most was probably the first
funeral we had attended.
Here are a selection of letters and emails that we have received from Old Hymerians this academic year.

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