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Dr Korosec left Hymers in December 2017 to take up the role of Head of Digital and Enterprise Learning Solutions at the University of Derby. Margaret was highly regarded by the pupils for her enthusiasm in the classroom and her caring manner. Likewise, she was a sad loss to the staffroom, where her humour, positivity and compassion were a constant feature.
Mr PC Doyle, Head of the Junior School
John Lucas
The Design and Technology department would like to say a fond farewell to John Lucas as he leaves Hymers College and begins his retirement. John joined the department in the Spring of 2012, initially as a long term supply teacher, providing cover for another member of staff on maternity leave. John had previously headed the DT department
at Scarborough College before setting up his own business. His vast experience and accomplished skillset, particularly in Engineering, was quickly realised and the department was fortunate to be able to offer him a permanent position.
John has a keen interest in all things metal and, as an amateur sculptor, submitted
several entries for local competitions and exhibitions during his time at the College. An
avid photographer, he was regularly to be seen supporting the Art department with this and accompanying school trips to the Yorkshire Scupture Park. He also took a keen interest in Rugby and assisted several teams during his time at Hymers.
John was always eager to take on new challenges during his time with us and it was lovely to see him continue to develop his professional skills in the field of Textiles in readiness for the teaching of the new DT curriculum.
We will miss his dry sense of humour and his ready wit and wish him the very best as he begins his new full time ventures, that is, continuing to explore the development of the history of metalworking in Great Britain, and of course his new full time job of clearing out his attic, garage and shed!
Mr DP Mills, Head of Design Technology
Sally Sinkler
Sally retired from her teaching career in the Junior School in July 2018, after many years of excellent service. Initially a full-time member of staff, she later took on a new role as a job-share with Andrea Exley.
After studying pharmacy at Nottingham University (and becoming a fully qualified pharmacist), Sally decided upon a career in teaching instead. She took her PGCE at Hull College of Higher Education and then became one of only two lady teachers in the Junior School, in September 1984. Her fellow starter, Jean Dex, was to teach Art – and the two soon became firm friends, remaining so ever since.
Sally’s first class was 2L – now known as a Year 5 class - the L being the initial of her maiden name, Licence. Peter Bingham was her first headteacher (Norman Ransom having only just retired) and these were simpler times to be a Miss or a Ma’am in the school; a mere nod to Health and Safety, no computers or whiteboards, Wednesday afternoons off and a can of beer (or glass of sherry!) by your plate at Christmas lunch. The Head of the Junior School had no deputy, he was his own secretary, finance officer, nurse, syllabus and time-table planner and disciplinarian, armed with his own furry slipper, ready for use in a moment.
Sally taught English, Science, Geography, History and Nature Study. However, she did not last long with the last subject, having drawn two sketches on the blackboard with which to illustrate her lesson – a grey lag goose, like those in the school grounds (with four legs!) and a horizontally striped marrow! I don’t think Jean Dex’s art classes were in any danger of take-over from Sally either, somehow. A keen hockey player and tennis enthusiast, Sally was soon ear-marked to instruct in these sports, helping with numerous fixtures, day trips and residential trips as well.

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