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  The Junior School Swim Squad have continued to make waves this year.
AT the HMC Swimming Championships, the Girls Under 10s claimed first place, assisted by Millie Salmon’s magnificent Individual first place in the Girls’ Under 10 25m Backstroke.
The Swim Squads continued their hard training and were rewarded for their efforts during the ESSA National Swimming Championships qualifying stages, which
saw all 4 teams qualify for the finals day taking place
at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield. A tough day of racing saw three of the teams qualify for B finals, a big well done to all the swimmers.
Girls’ Squad – Emily Marshall, Eva Julian, Florence Skewis, Jessica Teasdale, Mille Salmon
Boys’ Squad – Reuben Holman, Ben Williams, Marcus Langrick, William North
The annual Junior School Inter House Gala was a fantastic spectacle: a carnival of fun, noise and fast swimming which saw the entire school taking part, including the Staff who swam in the eagerly anticipated Pupil v Staff race. After an action-packed morning
Holderness House were the victors, which was welcomed with sheer delight. Unfortunately this could not be said for the staff, as the pantomime villains came out on top of the Pupil v Staff race.
Here’s to another exciting year.
Mr N Mills Head Of Swimming

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