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A couple of weeks ago I came across some old school magazines from my own school days at Bristol Grammar School. Reading through the numerous reports, there is still an excitement to read one’s own name and to see the contribution one made all those years ago.
Hymers College remains a very busy school and The
Hymerian documents many of the activities which this publication. have taken place over the academic year. I hope that
students at Hymers will feel exactly as I did when they
stumble across the 2017-18 Hymerian magazine in
future years. I hope they will remember old friends and
favourite teachers as well as sports fixtures, lectures, David Elstone drama productions, debates or concerts. Headmaster
 Whether you are reading this in years to come or more immediately you cannot help but be impressed at the extensive co-curricular life of the school and I would like to thank every one of my colleagues for their amazing commitment to the students. Finally, I would like to thank Mr Thompson and Mr Sanderson who have worked so hard to pull every article together for
Junior School
Visits and Trips 4 Sport 12 Artwork 32 Design and Technology 50 Drama 69 Music 76 Activities and Events 81 Speech Day 87
Senior School
Visits and Trips 92 Sport 108 Art 138 Design & Technology 143 Drama 147 Music 151 Activities 168 Academic News 181 Staff News 196 Speech Day 202 Destination of Leavers 206
Old Hymerians
Welcome 208 Letters from Old Hymerians 210 Annual Dinner 222 Remembrance 224 OH Lunches 226 Visits to Hymers 230 Golf 232 OH Snippets 234 Life After Hymers 236 Births, Deaths and Marriages 240
 Editors: Mr DA Thompson and Mr IR Sanderson; Mrs B Renwick and Miss H Beaumont (OH Section). Designed by Mercury Group. Printed by DC Print. The editors are grateful to everyone who has helped compile and proofread the magazine.

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