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Julia Brown joined Hymers in 1999 to teach GCSE Art, eventually becoming the Head of Department. She taught across all year groups and enjoyed the challenges
of delivering creative lessons to the different ages. However, the most rewarding part for her was working with the GCSE and A-level students, where she developed an expectation for hard work combined with a sense of fun and enthusiasm. Lunchtimes saw the Art rooms packed out with students, not just when it was raining!
Having done her PGCE at Bretton Hall in the grounds of Yorkshire Sculpture Park
it was always a popular destination for her Art study visits, although the most memorable trip was seeing the sell-out Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A.
The Art trips were always popular and Mrs Brown was proud of the way Hymers students went into galleries and immediately started drawing. Fantastic! The best thing about working at Hymers for Mrs Brown was the camaraderie of the staff and the enthusiasm of those students who loved Art as much as she does. She has taken early retirement to explore other opportunities with her own ... and to go for long walks on the beach! I 197
  Mr G Whitehead, Head of Art
 Jessica Duffield
Jessica joined Hymers College in September 2016 after having spent several years
in London pursuing a successful career in the field of performing arts. Whilst acting played a central role in her life, her passionate attitude towards languages led her
to undertake the necessary training to become a teacher, a journey which brought her back to Hull and, more specifically, the school where she spent her earlier years. She began teaching French and Spanish and it was not before long that she made
a mark on every single student that had the opportunity to be taught by such an
inspirational teacher. Her commitment to the school was reflected by her rapport with
the students as they saw in Jessica a member of staff upon whom they could rely and
who would always be prepared to listen. Jessica’s energetic and dynamic personality
led her also to begin teaching drama as this allowed her to teach the two things she loved most. Whilst Jessica was very passionate about education, she found it hard at times to combine her life as a teacher with her performing interests outside school. She decided that it was time for her to focus her attention on acting. During the two years that she has spent at Hymers College, she has had a major impact on both students and colleagues alike, and we wish her a very successful career in the world of performing arts. We will greatly miss her countless contributions, dedication and energy that she brought to the school.
Mr A Sanz Caro, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Stephen Fincham
Stephen joined the Chemistry Department in September 2014 and from the very start inspired confidence in colleagues and students by his knowledge and understanding of the subject and his serious professionalism. He has been conscientious and innovative in his preparation and delivery of lessons to all age groups in the Senior School and has been very much a team player, collaborating with and supporting all his fellow teachers and technicians with ideas and countless little tasks. He has played a full, effective and helpful part in the setting and administering of examinations,
the development of schemes of work, the classification and reorganisation of risk assessments for student practical work and the department’s assimilation of the new requirements of the A-level practical.

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