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  Reckitt Benckiser- a multi-national company who creates some of the leading products in the healthcare and hygiene industry such as Dettol, Vanish and Gaviscon, among others. You may not have heard of the company that oversees and develops these products, but this huge company is number 282 on the Forbes
list of largest public companies with a net worth of 55 billion dollars. We had a great opportunity to have a tour of the company behind these big brands to gain information about careers in the chemical industry. First we had an introduction about the basics of how the business works, from the formulation labs, research labs to marketing and selling these products to consumers.
Then we actually had the opportunity to see the labs for ourselves and the employees there set up experiments for us to better understand what they do on a day to day basis. At each of the different research labs they
showed us experiments that showed how the chemicals in Gaviscon work, how they develop different tablets and how they check for microorganisms in the biology department. We even had a look inside chambers where they store the chemicals to artificially age
them with different temperatures and humidities to replicate climates from around the world. At the end we were given a chance to speak to the employees at the company and we had an informal lunch of pizza with them – very useful for someone that wants to know more about career paths and opportunities in the chemical industry. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone considering to go, it was very informative and a great day out! A huge thank you to Calum Walker and his colleagues at RB for organising such an enjoyable and insightful visit.
Christopher Thompson, Year 12

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