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The Quality in Careers Standard is the dedicated national
quality award for Careers Education Information Advice
and Guidance (CEIAG). The nationally recognised award
is one of the highest accolades an organisation can receive
for excellence in this area of work. The Government recommends that all schools should work towards the award as an effective means of carrying out a self-review and external evaluation of the school’s careers programme. The QCS assesses schools against the nationally recognised Gatsby Benchmarks and the Careers Development Institute framework (17 strands over 3 Key Stages!)
  The Gatsby Benchmarks:
• A stable careers programme.
• Learning from career and labour market information. • Addressing the needs of each student.
• Linking curriculum learning to careers.
• Encounters with employers and employees.
• Experiences of workplaces.
• Encounters with further and higher education. • Personal guidance.
The assessment day in June analysed our provision across all year groups and involved the Headmaster, Senior Management, Governors, Parents, Students, Tutors, Coordinators of PSHE and Learning Support as well as the Careers Adviser & Work Experience Co-ordinator and the Head of Careers.
Although an exacting exercise, the self-analysis of provision has allowed the department to consolidate areas of strength as well as developing the programme further to improve delivery in other areas.
In the Summer Holidays we were delighted to learn that we had been awarded the Quality in Careers Standard.
The Real Game is an interactive role playing activity designed to emphasise the value of work and the importance of ongoing education and adaptability. By completing various classroom and research activities, the pupils learnt about many aspects of real life that they will face as adults including budgeting, job satisfaction and planning for the future. During the day, each student assumed an occupational role, ranging from vet, to gardener to MP to fashion designer. The
Comments from some Year 8 students...
occupations used in the job roles reflected a range of salary, educational levels and work styles, to emphasise certain points: the value of all work, the inequalities that exist in the work world, the importance of adopting a positive attitude and exploring ways to change your life. There were different activities throughout the day including team quizzes, individual research on a Job for a Friend, and group exercise planning a holiday.
     It is fun and challenging and teaches you about how to build yourself a career path with work-life balance. Bradley Parker
I enjoyed the activity showing us how difficult it is to deal with money in real life!
Tom Jones
    It was a good way to introduce us to budgeting and finance. The “Friend’s future job” also started to make me think about my own future.
Elise Good
I thought the best part was the holiday planning – it was very realistic and something I will definitely need in the future!
Armaan Riaz

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