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On an ominously cold and wet break time, we (Zuha, Anna, Sophie, Ella, Nina and Ellie) piled onto the bright red minibus, trusting Mr Sanz Caro and Miss Jack to deliver us safely to GSAL. Armed with only a box of marshmallows and Zuha’s road trip playlist, we set
off for the debate, which we thought we would be returning from all too soon.
A couple hours later after some last-minute preparations and Mr Sanz Caro’s questionable music choices,
we arrived at GSAL. With its hotel-like grandeur, needless to say we were a little intimidated. After a
brief introduction to the other schools and the judges, who were language students from Leeds University,
our first Spanish pair, Zuha and Anna, was put to the test against against GSAL, but after a tough fight and a contested ruling, they narrowly missed out on a win. Then it was Nina and Ellie’s turn to debate. The motion was “Teenagers have it easier today than ever before” and after a well-fought debate they came out on top. Meanwhile, the French team, Ella and Sophie, debated against teams from GSAL and Newcastle, overcoming the disappointment of an initial loss against the eventual winners and winning their second debate to progress in the competition.
Rounds later, the French pair made it into the playoffs for a spot in the semi-finals and controversially lost out despite an eloquent argument. During lunch, the semi- finalists for the Spanish debates were announced, with
I had a great time taking part in the Spelling Bee this year. I progressed from the class and school rounds, through to the regional round at the University of Sheffield. It was a great learning curve that really helped me as I revised for end of topic tests and exams alike. Competing in the Spelling Bee also helped me with
my understanding of the French alphabet. One of my favourite moments in my Spelling Bee journey was competing in the school round, as I got to compete with an audience. In the class round, each pupil had
a minute to translate and spell as many words chosen at random from a list with only the teacher listening. I liked competing in front of a group of people, because
both Hymers Spanish teams going through. Remaining undefeated, Nina and Ellie were allowed to pick their opponents for the semis. Following an intense debate (arguing for the motion that “the language barrier is what complicates integration the most for immigrants”), they managed to overcome the nerves and got through to the finals. Zuha and Anna sadly lost to the first team they had debated against, after another impressive fight.
With a growing audience and nerves, the surprise motion for the Spanish final was revealed; it was
the age-old argument, “¿El dinero puede comprar la felicidad?”, or “Can money buy happiness?” We were all a little nervous, especially as the stakes were raised once it was revealed the prize for the winners was a
box of Heroes. The pair won the coin toss and so were given the option of which side they wanted to argue for. After some conferring and considering which argument would allow them to use the most “juicy vocab”, they decided to debate in favour of money being able to buy happiness. After a very deep debate driving home the importance of financial security, Nina and Ellie managed to secure a victory for the Hymers team! We were all ecstatic!
We made the journey back to Hymers with a short-lived box of Heroes and pride in some amazing performances all around.
Nina Koshy and Eleanor Roberts, Year 13
I got the feel of what it is like to compete in front of an audience in a big room. This helped me in the regional round, as I was slightly less nervous and was ready to spell in front of a large group of people from other schools in Yorkshire. This experience has helped me feel more comfortable and less nervous in front
of audiences, not only while spelling, but also while performing for other activities.
Overall, the Spelling Bee was a very enjoyable experience that greatly enhanced my understanding of French.
Rhea Tandan, Year 7 I 189

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