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In March, the school was invited to take a group of pupils to take part in a Youth Summit on the topic of Child Sexual Exploitation.
Rachel Wheatley of Year 9 wrote the following account of the day:
Eight students and two teachers packed up their bags and set off for Hessle High School on the 8th of March, 2018. The reason for this was that we were selected to go to a workshop run by ‘Not in our Community’, an awareness group which helps people understand the troubling topic of sexual exploitation and grooming.
Having never been to a meeting of this kind before and after hearing of the topic we were going to discuss, we were all feeling apprehensive of what was to come, but a hearty breakfast of fruit, tea and bacon butties soon helped us feel at home in the hall.
After breakfast we were given a quick summary of the morning, which consisted of multiple talks from various professionals, two short films being played, a third story that had been turned into a play (we were all very excited about this as our own Jessica Fitzsimons was playing a key role) and a short break
where we could have a look around ‘Maisie’s Room’, which was an exercise to help us understand the warning signs that a minor was getting groomed.
After the brief summary of the day, we were all ready to get started. The films were terrific, along with the play where we could ask questions and get answers from the actors in character!
The rest of the morning was really interesting, with talks coming from a detective at Humberside Police and the founder of ‘Not in our Community’ to name a few. With the end of the session looming, we had a talk from one of the professionals who worked
in the group; she said that if we wanted we could become ambassadors of the organisation, which means holding regular assemblies among other things to raise awareness of CSE (child sexual exploitation) in our own schools. We thought this was an amazing opportunity and a few of us put our names down.
If Hymers ever gets the opportunity again to attend a Youth Summit, I would highly urge any of you to get involved as it opened up my eyes and those of my peers to this relevant topic and made me want to get involved as much as possible to raise awareness.
  Hymers College was one of three schools presented with the prestigious School Library Association Inspiration Award in London in October 2017. The award is made to the school library space that shows inspiration, innovation, creativity and resourcefulness in its library design and
in its use. The SLA praised Hymers College for taking Hull’s City of Culture vision and designing a beautiful building to function as a multi-use hub, offering library facilities in an inspiring design. The judges were impressed by the strong sense of harmony and the way in which the LRC’s contemporary design exchanges reflections with the traditional school buildings. More importantly, they recognised the strength of the LRC
in putting the role of the Library and Librarian at the heart of teaching and learning.
We are proud and gratified that the LRC has achieved such high recognition on a national stage and we are confident that students will continue to take inspiration from it and make the best use of this wonderful facility.
Mr I Sanderson

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