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I was delighted to be in charge of organising this event this year and my aim was to provide all of Year 9 with experiences and educational challenges that they would not receive as part of their normal lessons at school.
The first day saw six separate activities. Three that I loosely termed ‘triathlon’ – the pool-based activity involved some lifesaving based activities, the wonderful charity R-evolution sent us 2 bicycle mechanics who showed the youngsters some basic cycle repairs and
Mr Thompson played some field based games that required team work and careful attention to instructions which were only given once! I was delighted that a superb stand-up comedian was able to visit us – Mr Tony Cowards, who worked with three groups of the youngsters on presentation of material, the structure of jokes and how to adapt material to your live and critical audience.
David Lund, a photographer, spent the whole day on Wednesday and Thursday teaching the youngsters how to take photographs using various pieces of exciting equipment including a drone.
The DT department made a superb collection of barbecues.
On the second day the RAF visited us, and spent the morning with various STEM activities and team building exercises culminating in a Careers presentation – at least one Year 9 is now very keen indeed on joining the RAF!
One of the biggest successes of the week were the two groups who learned how to make bread. This is an activity that I hope to expand next year. Many thanks to the staff of Wilson Vale who made this possible.
Mr Whitehead led a Mural activity which led to 6 wonderful paintings which were on display in the Main Hall and the Theatre throughout the remainder of the term.
Throughout the whole half term. Mrs Cook and Mrs Turner were working with their classes to form several I 177
   Rock Bands from scratch. This led, on Friday, to a
Battle of The Bands in the Theatre. The whole of Year
9 entered into the spirit of the occasion and everyone who was there will never forget the experience, the noise, the excitement, the superb performance from every one of the 12 bands who played, and the winning band led by Daniel Ramzani who, almost literally, brought the house down! All the bands received fantastic coaching from Mr Shepherd and Dr Pickles throughout the three days of the event, so a huge thank you is due to them.
This was a thoroughly enjoyable 3 days, and I hope that all the children involved have learned lots, not only in terms of skills acquired, but also about themselves.
Mr R Quick

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