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 The Primary Mentoring Scheme is an extremely popular activity amongst the students in Year 12. Every lunchtime, students visit a number of local schools and help their young charges with either their Reading or their Maths.
A total of 65 Year 12 students volunteered to give up a lunchtime each week and, for many, it is the highlight of their week. They travel to Priory, Thoresby, Collingwood and Pearson Park Primary Schools.
Year 13 students have a similar opportunity to volunteer in local schools to help deliver PE activities. At the start of the academic year students are trained
A6 was again busy this year during quiz activity sessions, with students flocking in to experience
the buzz. It was a fallow year for the national competitions, but the inter-form battles were hard fought and entertaining. For the first time ever, a
Year 7 form retained their crown in Year 8. Despite losing young Holman at Christmas, 8B fielded a very strong team once more and made it through to the final fairly comfortably. 8D fought tenaciously and got off to a flying start, but 8B put their foot down in the final straight and roared to an impressive 450-280 point victory. The breadth of knowledge on display was perhaps even more impressive in Year 7. 7D were quick on their buzzers in the final and amassed an amazing 510 points – but in a losing cause. 7A were crowned champions in the highest-scoring ever Year
7 final, with 580 points. They were deserved winners, having shown tremendous strength in depth, with a well-balanced team who covered most bases.
As well as the fastest-finger buzz-in quizzes, we enjoyed the equally tense but less frenetic Year 10 Mastermind
by coaches from The King’s Foundation to deliver
an innovative Games programme, which encourages all pupils to move, build up a sweat and increase
their heart beat. Students travel each week to Hessle Mount, St. Richard’s and Collingwood Primary Schools to deliver the programme. One teacher fed back to me last year by saying, “the Hymers students are outstanding and deliver fantastic lessons. They are loved by the pupils who cannot wait for the sessions each week. Thank you!”
Mr D Elstone
Competition in March. This was a more monochrome affair, with nearly all the specialised chosen subjects focusing on Harry Potter. Thanks to 10A for daring
to specialise in the Marvel Action Movies! 10C held
a comfortable 5-point lead after the first round, but stuttered rather in the General Knowledge section. Here, 10B put in a powerful team effort to amass an amazing 18 points in just two minutes and so came out winners by 4 points overall. Their final total of 30 points was also one of the highest ever, so it’s been a bit of a record-breaking year.
It may be a bit old fashioned nowadays to test what you know rather than assess your progress or the process through which you acquired knowledge, but quizzing certainly sharpens your reactions and tests your nerve and resilience, as well as being a lot of fun. My thanks once again to Mr Tame for being the co- host. It’s a sort of Paxman-Osman double act and we enjoy swapping the roles.
Mr I Sanderson

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