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Since Easter 2017, our reading group has come together to discuss the books we selected and read as a group. It has been an extremely enjoyable and great experience. It has widened the choice of books I now read and has given me a great insight into some different genres of books I never thought I’d like, such as horror and gothic fiction. Reading group has been a great opportunity
to dig deeper into a book and share our opinions with everyone. Discussing the book also allowed us to discover many more details we didn’t see before. The meetings were great fun. Not only did we share our ideas about the books but we also indulged in cakes - one of the
highlights of reading group. The meetings often ended with a heated Harry Potter debate in which everyone participated passionately! Throughout the year we read many books such as The Woman in Black, Demon Road, The Lauras and many more. My favourite book was Demon Road, as it was very captivating and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Overall, Reading Group has been a fantastic experience and it has allowed me to enjoy reading even more than I did before!
Srinidhi Krishnan, Year 10 I 173
The National Citizen Service programme has become
the country’s fastest growing youth movement with over 400,000 graduates to date and Hymers College is the only independent school in the country to be a NCS provider.
In the summer of 2018 the school took over 200 students away as part of the NCS Programme. 65 of them were from Hymers, with the rest coming from our local partners, including Winifred Holtby Academy, The Marvell College, Newland School for Girls, Wolfreton High School, Archbishop Sentamu Academy and Kelvin Hall School.
The students spent a week away at an outward bounds centre before returning to Hull to spend a further four nights at Hull University. During this time they undertook a number of team-building activities as well beginning to plan their chosen local community project. The final week saw the students giving 30 hours of their time on a local project. These projects included initiatives at Castle Hill Hospital, the RSPCA, Cancer Research, Hull Homeless Community, the Afro Caribbean Centre and Mind.
This summer the NCS programme gave back to the community over 6060 hours of volunteering and over £6160 was raised for local charities. The quotation below from one of the participants this summer, Lorna, sums up the positive impact that the experience of NCS can have on young people taking part:
“Before I came to NCS I struggled with social anxiety really badly, and even going to the shops was a struggle for me. But during NCS I was really pushed in social situations (eg some of the challenges and meeting new people) and was forced to interact socially. This really has improved my confidence, and even though I do still struggle with social anxiety, NCS has taught me that I can overcome it.”
    Mr K Walmsley

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