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Group members: Rashi Prasad, Mohima Tarafdar, Khushi Dave, Merlin Jojan & Isabelle Horrocks
The group were completing their DofE Silver award which requires them to plan, navigate and walk a route of 50 Kilometres in 3 days (two nights camping) whilst carrying all of the food supplies and equipment with them. Group members are required to work together as a team throughout by walking together, making camp together and cooking together. They also undertook a project based around the local landscape and environment of Edale, Derbyshire where the expedition took place. The group decided to look at diversity amongst local populations of Butterfly.
   Site of Brimstone below Man Tor
Mr J Denton
  Group photo
Whilst on our expedition we decided that we would carry out a survey of the butterflies we encountered on our route, recording the number we saw and where so that we could relate the distribution to the habitat.
In order to be able to identify the butterflies we used an identification key and took pictures of them.
Our aim was to spot and identify different butterflies, and we think we achieved this during our expedition.
We also had a great time!
Isabelle Horrocks, Year 11
An excellent presentation given by the group to Dr Denton, clearly a very capable group who have amply satisfied the twenty requirements of the Award and passed their expedition with style!
Mr R Summers
  D of E Site of Speckled Wood in Brockett Booth Plantation
   Pie Chart of Distribution

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