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  This year, we have increased the amount of athletics
the boys are getting in Games and we have followed
the girls into taking part in the Athletics Badge system.
It has been brilliant to see the boys checking the notice board to see their scores and identify areas to improve for themselves. This intrinsic motivation clearly had a positive effect, as we enjoyed our strongest performance at the HMC Athletics for some time, winning the
Under 9 Boys’ overall title, the Under 9 boys’ relay and four individual medals, including three golds. There were some notable successes in cross-country as well. The Year 6 boys did brilliantly to come third overall
in the HMC cross country against some really strong opposition.
I would like to thank all the boys for their efforts throughout the year. They have all been a pleasure to coach and I wish all those in Year 6 moving into Senior School, as well as those who are leaving us to continue elsewhere, the best of luck in the future. Thanks also to the coaching staff for all their hard work.
Mr M Hodsdon Head of Junior Sport

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