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  After forty years of teaching at Hymers, at the end of the Summer term, Andrew Penny stepped down as Head
of Woodwind to go part time. This role, and half of his teaching, will be taken over by Margaret Pearson, who already teaches in the department two days a week. Andrew’s huge input to the department in countless ways,
his directing of ensembles, as well as his exceptional support to me as Director of Music, will be greatly missed.
I am delighted that he is continuing to teach for two days a week and will, hopefully, therefore still be available
for advice! Margaret Pearson is a superb teacher and accompanist and will bring many good qualities to the department – we have been lucky to secure her and many thanks again to Andrew for his big part in arranging this.
Andrew Penny taught Corinne Stead (now Cook) flute at Hymers in the sixth form and inspired me to do music as a career by forming and conducting a Chamber Orchestra linked to the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra in Hull. This introduced me to pieces of music that I loved so much I could not relegate music to just a hobby!
Mrs LA Turner
Angela Bertolotti (Music Department Admin Assistant) says:
For me of note is how Andrew has, over the years, taken under his wing so many aspiring young musicians – engaging with them, sharing his wealth of experience and giving them so many opportunities through the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra as
well – not just woodwind
players either but in all fields. Tom (my son) benefited enormously from this of course by playing the Elgar Cello Concerto with the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra and the Saint-Saëns concerto here, but he
is certainly not the only one – I can think of several students. One,
for example, ended up having piano lessons with Martin Roscoe because of Andrew’s help.
 Mrs A Bertolotti

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