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 Radio Humberside came in to do an interview
 with Hull Choral Union for the final preparations. Both choirs benefited from and enjoyed the collaboration and the work was performed, along with Rutter’s
Feel The Spirit, one very cold November evening in Hull Minster. The students in the Chamber Choir
all thoroughly enjoyed the performance and agreed that it was worth the effort. We knew however that
we could not do this work justice in the very small choir rehearsal slots so as a department we agreed
to suspend most instrumental rehearsals in the spring term and focus on learning The Armed Man. All the music staff who would normally take rehearsals came to direct and/or sing. Corinne Cook took the lead initially and then Andrew Penny started to direct as the performance drew near.
off! Again, in true Hymers spirit, all the choir and orchestra made it (the exceptions being a few guests who had to travel a long distance).
Setting up the hall to fit all the choirs and orchestra in was a marathon task, but by lunch time we were ready to go. The snow fell and students arrived nervous and excited. Knowing that we had so little time to put all the pieces together everyone concentrated really hard and the rehearsal went to plan. Everyone knew that
if we could keep up this level of concentration the performance really could be something very special indeed. Tea time came and the snow was still falling, with more forecast. There were real worries about the safety of the event now, but, having come this far, we were determined to do the performance as we had all invested so much time, not to mention money, into this event.
In the end, the only adverse effect the weather had was that not as many people came to see and hear
it as would have done, but for those of us who were there it was amazing. From the initial silence as everyone waited for Andrew Penny to bring down
his baton for the first note to the last chord dying
away it was spell binding. Images pertinent for each movement appeared on the screen and the whole meaning of each movement was conveyed beautifully. In over 30 years of involvement with school performances, I have never experienced anything quite like it. This is one of those very special musical memories that will stay with me forever and I hope very much that it will be the same for the students who took part.
I would like to say a huge thank you to all the students, staff, parents and friends and ancillary staff who worked to make this performance happen. Thanks also to the HCA, who prepared a bar for us to have a party after the concert, although unfortunately most people had to go straight home due to the terrible weather.
Mrs LA Turner
 “In over 30 years of involvement with school performances, I have never experienced anything quite like it. This is one of those very special musical memories that will stay with me forever.”
It would not be exactly true to say that all students were immediately delighted to find themselves singing rather than playing, but, as the weeks progressed
and the movements started to take shape, enjoyment was evident in all rehearsals in Years 7 through to
13. In true Hymers fashion the majority of students persevered and, as the big day approached, we could feel the excitement building. The Chamber Choir sang the more difficult movements and the Senior and Intermediate Choirs joined them in the movements suitable for larger forces. Garry Whitehead designed us some superb posters and Ian Sanderson and Angie Bertolotti helped us produce a special programme.
Unfortunately Corinne fell ill a couple of weeks prior to the performance, but Andrew Penny, Marion Riley and Richard Quick all stepped in to help and fortunately Corinne was well enough to sing in the performance, which she did beautifully.
Finally the day arrived and the orchestra, made up mainly of Hymers Staff and a few local music teachers, assembled in the Main Hall. We always knew that this day was going to be quite stressful, as this was the one and only rehearsal with the orchestra. What we didn’t know, fortunately, was that the weather would be so terrible that the performance would almost be called

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