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This year Frederick Holmes School secured a bursary to engage professional musicians to work on a project with their students, but they still invited our Year 10 Music GCSE group to visit them in the summer term to see the results of that work and to do some small group work on a new project. As ever, our students were amazed at the massive difference that music can make to students with learning or physical difficulties. Their faces light up when they hear the sounds and are able to join in making music to fit a particular mood or story. We are hoping to visit again in the Autumn term.
Thank you once again to Patrick Plunket at Frederick Holmes for inviting us and for his imaginative ideas when inspiring music making.
The weather was fantastic again and the music department, as ever, contributed to the vibrant atmosphere with a Fanfare from our senior trumpeters opening the proceedings, some lovely songs from our Junior Choir, a wide variety of jubilant music from the Wind Band and then some popular songs form the Rock Bands in the theatre.
Every year the music department say a special goodbye to all the musicians in Year 13, some of whom have been singing and playing in ensembles and concerts since Year 4. Usually this happens in the form of a small reception after the Senior Concert, but, as this did not happen in the usual format this year, we decided instead to have
a Leavers’ Lunch towards the end of the summer term. This year was an exceptional year, with 22 students in Year 13 still taking part in musical activities. Most of them managed to make it on the chosen day and we had a lovely hour together. The music teachers got together and arranged who was going to speak about each student. Most of the comments were very complimentary, but with the odd anecdote and joke thrown in! The students were given cards of appreciation and token vouchers
to buy something to remember us by (as if they would forget!) We wish them all the very best for a long, happy, successful future, hopefully with at least some music making in it!
Director: Mrs C Cook Repertoire:
Lully, Lulla, Lullay (Philip Stopford), The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace (Karl Jenkins), Feel The Spirit (John Rutter) Performances: Senior Christmas Concert, Charity Carol Concert, Concert at Hull Minster with Hull Choral Union,
Senior School Assembly, Hull Royal Infirmary Carol Singing.
Members: E Bunola-Hadfield, I Bunola-Hadfield, A Kirby, N Koshy, E Longden, C Ming, E Sharp, L Van Diesen, I Cowell, E Gaynor-Smith, L Jones, E Mathieson, H Sweeney, O Hatfield, F Robson, B Teasdale, H Teasdale,
T Bepete, X Dickenson, G Jones, H Jowsey. I 157

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