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to Chinese culture and Lulu played two pieces on her accordion, which was just amazing. We all had a very enjoyable evening, even though our bus did not arrive to take us back to school! There follows a report by Hugo Bainbridge of the event:
Early in the spring term, we went to our music lesson thinking it would be just like any other, but when we got in for the lesson we were all told to pile into M1. We bustled in and were told by Mrs Turner that we were doing some Chinese singing. We were then introduced to a lady called Lulu and she taught us our first song: Hua Fei Hua. After a few lessons of painstaking learning the words and their pronunciations that baffled most of us, we knew it quite well. After a few weeks of slowly learning and reciting the same song, we were given
the ominous task of learning a second song in a foreign
See article on pages 164-166
language. After many tiring lessons we knew the words, all the odd pronunciations and all the music features we hadn’t to forget.
It came to the day of the concert. Lulu had been through every word with us so many times that we could probably teach it ourselves. A bus ride and three hours of rehearsing, sitting and eating later, the concert had begun and a nerve-racking, painfully long intro later we started singing our first song: Hua Fei Hua.
Despite the mass of people and the glaring lights shining in our eyes it went off without a hitch and we were
on to the second song, Mo Li Hua, which again went
as well as could be hoped for. The rest of the concert was an eye opening show of Chinese music and culture which, despite overrunning,was very informative.
 This was very enjoyable and went very well. Due to The Armed Man performance, large ensembles had not been rehearsing in the usual way so it was more like another Chamber Concert, but well worth doing. We have
some excellent small ensembles who were not ready to perform in February but who played in this concert and the audience were very appreciative.
 This was, as usual, oversubscribed in terms of items and audience. Nevertheless, we all squeezed into the Rutter Recital Room where we were treated to a wonderful evening of glorious solos and ensembles, from Bach and Pachelbel through to Jenkins and Adele. The standard was sky high despite the Skyfall,
The Feast of Song Concert took place on May Day this year, when 20 singers from Years 11, 12 and 13 indulged a large audience with arias from Mozart, Bellini and Gounod, as well as Lieder and English song. The second half of the feast was
a variety of songs from musicals, including Wicked, Hamilton, Aladdin and West Side Story. It was a lovely opportunity for the wonderful Year 13 singers to make their final farewell to music at Hymers College.
Mrs M Riley
and so beautiful that I Dreamed a Dream about a Teddy Bears’ Picnic which took place Somewhere Over The Rainbow with a Drunken Sailor. There was even Someone to Watch Over Me.
Mr R Quick

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