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One cold day in February Shreya Devnath, a young Indian violinist, came to Hymers to deliver a workshop to some of our string players on how to play the violin, and sing, in an Indian style. When she sat down on the floor and rested the violin on her knee we were all keen to try this new posture. A few brave volunteers did just that. Some thought it was impossible, but I for one thought it was rather comfortable and negated the need to hold the instrument up! Whether I would still think that after several hours of playing is another matter! Next we tried doing some of the ornamentation that is characteristic of Indian music and that was very tricky. It was a fascinating hour, with much information and fun. Thank you to Shreya for sharing her talents with us. I 155
In March, 30 Year 7 students went to the newly refurbished Middleton Hall at Hull University to take part in the Chinese Whispers New Year Concert. They sang two Chinese songs, in Chinese and from memory. This followed weeks of preparation in music lessons, where a visiting tutor from the university, Lu Yani (Lulu), came into lessons to teach them the songs. Initially it was really difficult, as Chinese words have to be said in exactly the right way with a certain inflection – change of pitch almost. Lulu made this fun and the students
were soon looking forward to her visits. On the day of the performance we all arrived early to rehearse on the stage. This is quite scary as the acoustics there make it difficult to hear anyone else, so it can feel like you are singing a solo!
Our students rose to the occasion and started the programme with Hua Fei Hua and Mo Li Hua in real style. They got a very good applause and we were very proud of them. The rest of the concert was all related

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