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   As the set came and the costumes were brought in for trial for the technical run through, the approaching date of the first production became a reality to the cast. Polishing up personal details for each actor, learning cues and remembering song lyrics had to become second nature as the real challenges hit us. Adapting to the set, the size of the stage and the wings was exciting but very complex; entering and exiting the stage had never become so tricky. Props also added further complications as we had so many, fragile and particularly small props to manoeuvre and accommodate in the wings. However, being able to adapt to the problems that occurred humorously was all
part of the experience for the audience, even if that meant detaching your dress from the stairs.
Nevertheless, with so much to think about, the cast became closer than ever, being willing to help each other whenever anyone needed it. Mistakes and the mishaps during the performance are unavoidable but these were countered by the feeling of success and achievement that we all felt personally and as a whole cast. Overall, I can say that I have learnt so much from this experience and can’t wait for the next musical to come!
Adele Kirby, Year 12

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