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  With what was a very early start from the school gates and quite a lot of coffee in hand, the bleary eyed Greenpower team set off heading in the direction of Aintree for the first race of the season. After fighting our way through the Manchester early morning traffic, we arrived, unloaded and set the car up ready for scrutiny before the pre-race meeting and the first race of the day. It was the very first outing for some of our new Year 8 students and they were already a mixture of excitement and nerves. There were a good number of kit-car teams already there, as well as some of the more
professional looking self or ‘scratch build’ teams who were busily unpacking their cars from their containers and assembling them in readiness for the F24+ race. With a quick practice race and a once over for the
car, the team were ready for their first race of the day. Despite being a little wobbly out of the pits, the new drivers drove a very good race, keeping a good racing line around the track, which was a lengthy 5km. The pit changes were smooth and quick for such novice drivers. The first team did very well, placing 11th out of 29. By the end of the first race, the wind had already started to gust and a number of teams decided to take down their gazebos to prevent them blowing away.
The race turnaround times were very tight and, while inspecting the car prior to the second race, the team spotted that the grub screws on the drive sprocket
had come loose and caused it to twist on the drive shaft. After a frantic five minutes where it was unclear whether or not we would be able to continue onto the next race, and keeping half an eye on the cars on the starting grid, the fault was fixed and a new sprocket with some additional grub screws was installed. Quickly dismounting the car from the stands the team noticed that the race had already begun. The driver climbed in the car was pushed out of the pits, joining the race half

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