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  The Junior girls have had a successful year, which has filtered down from the Under 11 age group. This year’s Under 11 side was extremely difficult to select. There were 49 girls in the year and every single one of them competed hard to get in a team. It has been pleasure
to see them all enjoying their hockey and all of them playing in a fixture. The A and B teams performed well at the HMC hockey tournament early in the Autumn term and this was then followed by a sports tour to Worcester. Their understanding of the tactical aspects of the game grew at this time and the teams were playing more as unit. The A and B teams entered into the In2hockey competition and had high hopes of achieving similar success to previous years. They worked hard in the first two rounds and the A team went through as runners up to the North East of England round. The girls had a long journey, with many travelling from London, where they had been performing with the choir, to Barnard Castle at the other end of the country. Their drive and determination throughout the matches was superb, winning their first three matches against RGS Newcastle and the Durham schools thanks to their team work and control. The next game against Scarborough was closely fought, with the game looking more like
a senior match than Under 11. Unfortunately, they conceded one goal and in the short matches didn’t have time to fight back.
This didn’t deter the girls, as they went into the final match against GSAL and once again they worked as a unit, which resulted in them qualifying for the North of England finals. The girls enjoyed playing different schools and competing at this higher level and finished a well deserved 8th in the North of England.
The younger age groups celebrate the successes of the Under 11s and are keen to improve their skills. Many
of the girls regularly attend extra practices and ask how they can improve to help them be successful. Already
in the younger age groups there is great potential. The Under 10 age group have all played regular matches and every girl has been involved. The girls in the A team have developed much better stamina and, as the year progressed, have had some impressive wins against Scarborough and St Olave’s. Mrs Fillingham is looking forward to seeing what they can achieve next year.
The Under 9 teams again have had 100% participation in fixtures, something which is really important at
this age. They have gone from complete beginners to hockey players! I am so proud of their achievements and pleased that they have enjoyed representing their school in hockey matches.
Mrs JL Fillingham

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