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to be in. It was overwhelming to see how many girls were keen and wanting to play the sport. Unfortunately, this did however result in each of the girls getting less playing time over the course of the season. That being said, this didn’t affect the team morale overall. Each player gave 100% effort in all matches and would often play with huge smiles on their faces, win or lose. The girls were always keen to
When I look back over the U13 netball season I can be nothing but proud. The girls were an absolute credit to the school in every respect. They carried forward the values
of sport within this school and were both competitive, yet inclusive. The sheer number of girls turning out to training spoke volumes of the work ethic of this year group and they were an absolute pleasure to coach. The support from parents was second to none and it was lovely to see so many people out supporting the teams on a weekly basis. The problem of team selection was always a tough one with so many girls interested and developing as the season went on, so movement between the B, C and D teams was quite fluid. The A team were fairly set in stone, with a very able and well driven team. Two fantastic wins for the A team in their first two fixtures set the tone of what was to be a great season for the girls, going on to win all of their games convincingly! The attacking movement in the circle was smooth and decisive, with excellent feeds coming in from the centre court. At the other end
of the court we saw solid defending with exceptional tips and interceptions. The U13A team entered the Mount St Mary’s invitational tournament. In the group stage they beat every opposing team convincingly, to take them through to the cup finals. They conceded only 4 goals
in total and scored 92! An outstanding performance. In the final they met with Mount St Mary’s A Team and played another exemplary game of netball, resulting in beating their opposition 18-1. Player of the season was M Parkinson and most improved player was M Clark.
The U12 netball season was a true delight. The highlight has to be the sheer enthusiasm and numbers of girls coming to each practice. Every week, we saw numbers of around 40 girls coming out to practise and their morale was so positive, this made team selection such a hard job! They all worked so hard to develop their skills and also displayed a fantastic attitude throughout the season, despite the disappointment when matches were cancelled due to the weather. The girls always showed their determined spirit and were incredibly competitive at all times. It was really challenging selecting the player of the season and most improved player and this took much discussion between the staff involved in the year group coaching, but eventually they selected:
learn and would often attend extra shooting practices to further develop their skills. The girls have been an absolute pleasure to coach and I wish them all the best in their netball season next year. Player of the season was O McGurran and most improved player was R Brotherton
Miss K Whittaker
The B team had a great season too with 3 wins out
of 5. In the games they lost, they were defeated only narrowly and always came back and fighting harder. The defensive players were outstanding in building
the pressure on their opposition and making plenty
of interceptions. The centre court were consistent in their playmaking and effective decision making and the shooting circle saw many different players throughout the season, all giving valuable input. They were such
a pleasure to coach and took on board all the advice given and due to this progressed massively.
Player of the season was L Cooper and most improved player was A Taylor.
The C and D teams were very fluid in their players and it was lovely to see that whatever team or position the girls were put in, they played their hardest
and thoroughly enjoyed the games. The girls were consistent, reliable and effective in their training sessions and games and were a joy to work with.
C team - Player of the season was D Marshall and most improved player was S Salim
D team - Player of the season was J Ganesh and most improved player was S Kumar
Mrs W Johnston
A team - Player of the season was Beatrice Robson and most improved player was Jess Woods
B team - Player of the season was Jess Coates and most improved player was Amelia Thackray
C team - Player of the season was Sienna Stones and most improved player was Tilly Cairns
D team - Player of the season was Vanessa Chicumbo and most improved player was Lucy Duckworth
Mrs K Wylde

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