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  Netball Under 14B
  Netball Under 14A
  Netball Under 13A
  Netball Under 13B
  Netball Under 12A
  Netball Under 12B
Full Colours
Alice Porter, Georgia Coates, Victoria Horler, Charlotte Burnett, Sarah Al-Saad
Representative Colours
Laura Vize, Katie Tinker, Signe Reid, Isabella Robson
School Colours
Hannah Whitehead, Ellie Roberts
We started off our netball season with our bid to reach the National Schools’ finals. Entering into the Hull Round we had very competitive, well-driven teams and our spirits were high. The U14 and U16 teams were crowned as Hull Champions, winning all of their games, and therefore making it through
to the County Round. The U19s faced some tough opposition at the local round, but managed to make
it through as runners up. The County round was a terrible day weather wise and this forced a lot of errors from all teams, but the U14s and U19s were successful at securing their place at the Regional Finals. This prestigious event, held at Hymers for the Second year running, saw some excellent displays of netball from our teams and they were both extremely unfortunate to miss out on a place at National finals. the team that won the U19 Regional Round ended up winning the nationals later on in the season, just demonstrating the high level of competition for netball in this area. It was a great start to the season and allowed us to enter into the season in a very positive manner, looking forward to the term ahead.

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