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  The girls enjoyed a solid season in 2017, but failed to capitalise on created opportunities when it really mattered. They hit the ground running following
the excellent tour to Holland, with good early form and performances. But after progressing from the Humberside round (of the National Competition) they really did not get into their groove in the North East round, losing out on a place at the North Finals with a limp performance against Newcastle High School for Girls.
At the North Indoor Finals, the girls started like a rocket and were convincing in their early victories.
They most certainly looked the best all round side in the competition, with some polished performances, showing great awareness and understanding of the game. But in the knockout the girls lost out on strokes to Wakefield Girls, having run out of steam. It was a frustrating day of ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’!
It must be noted that without the talismanic presence and graceful leadership of Captain Jess Smee, the season could have been much less enjoyable. We wish the departing Year 13 players luck in the future and hope they continue to enjoy hockey. Hopefully 2018 will be a more successful year!

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