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   2017-2018 has provided another super year of sport for the Junior Boys. The Autumn term’s principal sport is rugby and it was fantastic to see all the boys getting involved and representing the school in matches. The Under 11A team have plenty of ability and played some excellent rugby throughout the term. They have started to develop their understanding of offensive and defensive structure and put in many strong performance, notably on the Sports Tour to Worcester, where their game against Abberley Hall particularly showcased their strength and spirit. The Under 11B team have been exceptional and are without doubt one of the strongest B teams on the circuit. Many of that side will rightfully be hoping to force their way into the A team as they move into Year 7. The Under
10s had a tough year, but they have shown signs of significant improvement towards the end of the season.
Their game against St Olave’s was a clear example
of this and hopefully this will boost their confidence
as they move into Year 6. The Under 9s have made
a super start to rugby. There is plenty of pace that
will threaten any defence and there were many exceptional tries scored. It will be good to see them develop their ball-handling and tackling next season in order to become a real force to be reckoned with.
The Under 11 7s season began with high hopes at Terrington Hall, but unfortunately we lacked the consistency needed to meet these expectations.
Thankfully, we were able to put this right at the
HMC 7s, where we performed superbly, reaching the second-place playoffs.
Mr M Hodsdon Head of Junior Sport

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